The facilities of Tucuchira

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The rooms

We have 2 private rooms and a shared room with 7 beds. We can also offer hammocks in the shared room. The bathroom is shared.

Private room with double bed

Private room with double bed. The bed has a mosquito net. Nice view from balcony.


  • Guests: 2
  • View: at the garden and the jungle
  • Bed Type: Double bed

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Single bed in shared room

Single bed in shared room. The room has 7 individual beds and bunk beds. Each bed has a mosquito net.


  • Guests: 1
  • View: at the garden
  • Bed Type: Single Bed

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Hammock in shared room

Due to the situation of the coronavirus, currently we are not offering hammocks. Hammock in shared room. Each hammock has a mosquito net.


  • Guests: 1
  • View: at the garden
  • Bed Type: Hammock

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The food


The breakfast

We offer Colombian breakfast with fruits, eggs to your wishes, bread or plantain, coffee and much more... Most of our food is from the region to support the agriculture of native communities. Breakfast is included in the room prices (not for hammock).

Depending on the activities you choose, lunch takes place in the Reserva or in an native community. According to your taste, lunch consists of chicken, fish, egg or vegetables with rice, pasta, lentils, beans, yuccas, potatoes or plantains in different forms and much more …

After a day of activities in the savage jungle a good dinner is very important. Those who were successful fishermen can eat their fish, for example piranha… For those who do not like fish, dinner is also guaranteed.

We are in the process of developing a Ticuna menu to learn about the foods of the Ticuna ancestors of the Amazon …

You can be expectant!

With all the food we offer, we try to support the native communities and protect the ecosystems of the Amazon.