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Tours with different activities

Under the principles of sustainability, you, the visitors of the Reserva, can contribute directly and indirectly to the conservation of the natural ecosystems of the Amazon. To live an authentic experience, our activities focus on an exchange between cultures and nature. We offer different activities in the nature of the Amazon collaborating with the communities of the Ticuna near Tucuchira. We are focused on ecotourism and an individual and personalized tourism. Tucuchira receives small groups (1 to 9 persons) so that you make the most of your visit and at the same time nature is protected. With this individual tourism, we are very flexible so you can choose your activities and design your tour to your preferences at your stay in Tucuchira.

Furthermore, we organize excursions (two days and more) at different places at the Amazon. Below we show you some examples.

When you put together a tour of Tucuchira for one or more days, the following points always are included:

  • Accommodation in bed with mosquito net with breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Activities described in the tour
  • Drinking water
  • Personal guide (speaks Spanish)
  • Rubber boots (please let us know your size)
  • Rain cape
  • Pick up at the airport or hotel
  • All fluvial transports in public boat (from and to Leticia, last public boat is leaving Leticia at 1:30 p.m., after 1:30 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. transport in private boat for different price possible)
  • Medical assistance insurance


To inspire you, here we present some tours for different stays at Tucuchira (in brackets N=nights, D=days).  You, the visitors of Tucuchira can also put together and design your tour to your preferences and wishes!

Nature and adventure

Disconnect from your life of comforts and come to connect yourself with the rainforest and the mother jungle.

Live like Tarzan and learn how to survive in the jungle. With your native guides you’ll camp at sites located in the middle of the rainforest, you’ll fish and swatch for food.

Explore and enjoy the pure nature of the Amazonian rainforest…

You’ll hike from cabin to cabin and getting to know different sites of the Amazonian jungle!

Ticuna – you get to know the daily life in a native community and you live a day and a night in the community
Adventure – you camp one night in the jungle and explore the nature of the Amazon

With this tour you’ll live an experience full of magic places – from pure nature to Puerto Nariño!

Find your limit with the tour extreme jungle and live an unique expedience in the Colombian rainforest. You’ll learn survival techniques with your native guides.

Design your personal tour!

With our help you can design your tour to your wishes!

Native culture and community tourism

Learn and discover the history and native Ticuna culture with its ancestral traditions, the daily life of today and the legends and stories and at the same time explore the Amazonian rainforest!

Get to know different places of the Amazon – an intensive experience

Visit a monkey sanctuary and explore the nature of the Amazon in a sustainable and protected way.

Dive into the native Ticuna culture and share the daily community life of today’s Amazon.

Tours in dry season

(July until October/November)

You’ll explore the Amazonian rainforest with its wild sounds camping in hammock and you’ll wake up at the beaches of the Amazon river hearing the pink dolphins.

Enjoy the pure nature of the Amazonian rainforest, the beaches of the Amazon River to Puerto Nariño!

Tours in rain season

(December/January to May/June)

Have you ever dreamed waking up by the screams of the monkeys in the middle of the rainforest? Get to know and enjoy the nature and native Ticuna culture of the Amazon.

Get to know and learn how to prepare açai – from harvest to preparation!

Activities and excursions

Here we present you different activities we are offering amongst others in the Reserva Natural Tucuchira. You also can design your tour in Tucuchira. You decide with experiences you want to live! For one day, we suggest 2 to 3 activities depending on the duration of the chosen activities.

Camping at the beaches of the Amazon River only is possible in the dry season (end of July until end of October) because of the river’s water level.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us!

Recommendations for your visit

Here we show you some recommendations for your visit and proposals to take with you, so you can enjoy your visit at Tucuchira.