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The Reserva Natural Tucuchira

The idea of the Reserva Natural Tucuchira

The Reserva Natural Tucuchira is an ecotouristical place not only aiming at the satisfaction and enjoyment of the tourist, but also at the protection and conservation of the natural resources and ecosystems that are of great importance for biodiversity. The protected areas of the Reserva can serve as indispensable reference areas for scientific research and monitoring. Tucuchira has the three rainforest stations that are the barcia / várzea rainforest or flooded rainforest, secondary jungle and primary jungle. The barcia rainforest or flooded rainforest is temporarily flooded. With the floods they receive sediments that make the soils fertile. For this reason and due to their humidity they are of great importance for the biodiversity of flora and fauna and for the production of oxygen. The secondary jungle was already influenced by humans. For example, it was converted into agriculture and when agriculture is over, nature begins to reclaim trees. But it turns into another kind of forest with thinner and smaller trees than before. Conversely, primary rainforest is intact rainforest or virgin rainforest that is not influenced by humans. 80% of Tucuchira are primary rainforest where the activities and tours we offer take place. Tucuchira is destined to conserve and protect these rainforest stations that are of great importance to intact ecosystems and biodiversity.

Tucuchira's sustainability principles

We always try to work under the principles of sustainability that means for us to live and work in a way to conserve nature and ecosystems and to not compromise resources for the next generations. We want to ensure that future generations can experience the wonderful nature of the Amazon and learn about indigenous cultures as we can.

Who we are

The Reserva Natural Tucuchira (Ecotourism) belongs to the native ethnos of the Ticuna. The Reserva is situated in the native community of Santa Sofía. Nearby are 5 native communities: Yaguas, Progresó, Loma Linda, and Nuevo Jardín. The languages of Ticuna, Yagua and Cocama are spoken. The most prevailing is Ticuna being the biggest native ethnos living in the triple frontier of the Amazonas. The name Ticuna means "black body or face" due to the custom of painting the skin with the black color obtained from the fruit of the huito. The Ticunas have traditionally lived from agriculture, fishing, hunting and their handicrafts in wood and yanchama (bark cloth). The Reserva Natural Tucuchira was founded in 2015 in an area of 30 hectares that have been in family heritage for more than 30 years. At the beginning, the family had an agriculture with products of the region for family consumption. In 2015 it became an ecological tourism project with the goal of conserving and protecting nature. We work hand in hand with the surrounding native communities, for example Santa Sofía and Progresó. James Carihuasari Revelo, who has founded Tucuchira is the owner and organizer of Tucuchira.

What we offer

We are a Reserva Natural of Ecotourism orientated to offer responsible and sustainable experiences, always with a maximum of respect for nature and the cultures living there since hundreds of years. Our purpose is a direct connection between the traveller and the ecosystem with its native inhabitants. We pursue that through your visit you contribute directly or indirectly to the conservation of vital ecosystems and support ancestral wisdom and ancient traditions.

Where we are

The Reserva Natural Tucuchira is located in the native community of Santa Sofía upriver from Leticia. Tucuchira is situated in the jungle, 15 minutes from the community of Santa Sofía.

How to get

Tucuchira can only be reached by boat on the Amazon River. For example from Leticia, the municipality of the department of Amazonas or from Puerto Nariño. You have to take a public boat with the following departure times from Leticia:

  •  7:00 AM
  • 10:00 AM
  • 01:30 PM
  • Departure every day
  • Departure Leticia, Amazonas with arrival destination Puerto Nariño (second municipality of the Amazon)
  • Stop for Tucuchira: Santa Sofía

The duration to reach the community of Santa Sofía, where Tucuchira is located, is approximately 1 hour. The boat works like a water bus, leaving the passengers and taking them to different destinations. When you buy a plan of Tucuchira, transportation is included in the price.